We are a young and dynamic team of experts in data science, artificial intelligence and programming deivering solution for companies. Our solutions include sentiment analysis based implementations, data science, and artificial intelligence based chatbots. The impact of our solutions on a company are huge. Market research and positioning, product design and implementation, customer retention, employee attrition are a few business fieds that our solutions revolutionise.

What is in it for you?

  • gain competitive advantage for your product or service;
  • find out what kind of improvements needs your product or service to sell;
  • you are able to follow in real time the opinions of media influencers about your product, service or/and brand;
  • monitorize opinions and reviews on social media, blogs, forums about your brand, product or/and service;
  • find out in real time general perception about your brand, product or/and service from your customers for identifying strong and weak points in order to improve your marketing campaigns;
  • you can find out specific details about customer shopping attitude;

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