Sentinno’s team is finishing an advanced Personal Assistant (PA). Sentinno’s PA has many functions developed like detect emotional state, search information, generate stories based on user demand, search and tell news, search and tell weather, time, date, search and tell if a company is well received by press(good or bad news), does advanced mathematical operations, search social media and express opinion about particular subject and many more. New essential function will be integrated soon since it is created. We can not tell you more about right now. The PA is called Sentinno, like company’s name and is totally audio, no interface, no graphics at all. All commands are audio.

It is talking to you. It is like you have a very smart friend in your computer. That is amazing“, said Andrei, an early tester of the app.

I can imagine what one can do with this app in the near future. The possibilities are endless“, said Iulian, an early adopter.

The app is made on solid AI grounds. In the future it will more and more sophisticated, able to understand humans and interact with them realistically. Now, the app isvery usefull and can help humans in various ways. It is a natural extension of  human brain.“, said Marius, owner of the company and creator and lead developer of the app.

From march 2021, the app wil enter a new test phase, when test users will test its limits. If you want to be member of the test team contact us by completing the form “Contact us” from the menu.

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