What we do

We are helping you and your organization to go beyond and explore new posibilities offered by artificial intelligence

Personal Assistant

We developed one of the most advanced personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence, Sentinno. Find out how it can help you.

Data Science and Sentimental Analysis

We perform Data Science and Sentimental Analysis in order to help your company get net advantage related to your competition.


Find out how our artificial intelligence chatbots can lower your costs and increase your revenue. It is time for your company to implement this technology of the future.

We are a young team with many years of experience in programming, data science and artificial intelligence, and we are prepared to complete complex tasks and put imagination and expertise into practice for your company’s growth.

Use cases

AI is transforming every industry and department by delivering better insights, performance based decisions, costs cut and new opportunities.

Personal Assistant

Imagine a world where you have a personal assistant on your computer. Sentinno can talk to you, tell you stories, read news, tell weather, express opinion on various subjects and much more.

Analysis of Sentiments

Your company is selling wether products or services. You need to know what are customers opinions about yours and competition. Information about customers sentiments can help you build better products and services.


In a company staying in touch with your customer is essential for business. Often is hard to answer in real time and talk with all your customers. Our Chatbots are trained to answer to your customers and rank urgency.

Data science

Having or collecting big amounts of data and interpret them to make predictions is a powerful insight. Customer retention, Employee attrition and churn are important determined factors for company's health. Data science will be present in every company that needs performance.


Latest news from Sentinno

Sentinno Personal Assistant

Sentinno’s team is finishing an advanced Personal Assistant (PA). Sentinno’s PA has many functions developed like detect emotional state, search information, generate stories based on user demand, search and tell news, search and tell weather, Read more…

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